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             ►►► Welcome to Blaze, the one and only approved fanlisting cum shrine of the most awesome Bleach female character, Arisawa Tatsuki! Take your time to browse around and of course, join if you are a fan of this character.

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Last updated: 03rd April 2012
Member count: 254
Pending members: 26
Newest members: Shang, and Hikari

Site updates
last updated on Friday, 15 May 2006

Sorry, haven't gotten to scan any images nor update any info yet >....< Probably in a few more days... or weeks. Anyway, I added a few fanlistings into the affiliates page ^.^

15 May 2006

Blaze makes its grand opening. Many info are still missing. I'll update as time passes, so stay tune (I'll be scanning my personal scans of SOULs and VIBEs as well;) Of course, don't forget to join the fanlisting if you are a fan ^.^


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