stands for frequently asked questions

 ►►► Why are the pages missing?
Errr... This site is -yet- completed. So...

 ►►► Can I use your graphics?
Yeah, it's free for you to use. Credits not necessary but greatly appreciated

 ►►► Can I post your graphics at other sites?
NO. You can try emailing me first, I might consider.

 ►►► Can I direct link to your graphics?
No. Link to the main site, I am sure people know how to find their way around. IF you need to use the graphics, get your own image hosters @ imageshack or walagata

 ►►► Can I submit something? Info/fan work and such?
Yes, of course! Full credit will be given. If any of the info is missing or wrong, do feel free to contact me <3

 ►►► Can I request an avatar/banners/signs/wallpapers?
over at Moonlight Rhapsody please.

 ►►► Can I request a picture from xxx Manga chapter / Episode?
Try BleachExile or Anime galleries


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