About the fanlisting
history, disclaimer etc. etc.

           ►►► When I saw the Arisawa Tatsuki fanlisting on the trouble list, I stalked TAFL everyday to see whether it's going to be ever available. Somehow, it got taken off the list a few weeks after it was on the trouble list. So, I immediately wrote in an application. Since I just am stupid at writing applicatons (especially long and convincing one), I really didn't put much hope into the approval.

However..... Somehow miracles happen

          ►►► It was approved on May 10th 2006. I almost fainted when I saw in my mail box, an email from TAFL staff Approval: Arisawa Tatsuki

Hi Eve, Congratulations! Your application to build and run the Arisawa Tatsuki (Bleach) fanlisting in the Characters category at The Anime Fanlistings Network has been approved!

When I read that, I immediately changed my MSN nickname and 'brag' to a few of my friends about the approval of this fanlisting. I started working on the fanlisting cum shrine on that day itself. It wasn't very well done nor complete because I had... 3 other fanlistings to do.

About the shrine
history, disclaimer etc. etc.

           ►►► Before the fanlisting was even approved, building a Tatsuki shrine is already in my project list because I think Tatsuki isn't getting enough love from the fandom >...< However, I wasn't planning to make it so soon. It was entirely thanks to the fanlisting.

           ►►► This is probably one of the few fanlistings that I spent the most effort in. Many hours were spent on the layout.


Tatsuki not mine, but Kubo sensei's

Bleach & Tatsuki original creation of Kubo Tite. First published in Japan in 2001 by SHUEISHA Inc. Tokyo. This shrine has no relation with any of those listed above.


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