The designs
probably the most boring part ...

           ►►► Created in Photoshop CS 2 with a total of 4 hours creation time spent on it. The scan used is obtained from Minitokyo and is not of high quality. Hence, the lazy me decided to vector it. The vector alone took 2 hours to complete. The hardest part of vectoring is probably the missing parts of the clothes and hands. The fingers were evil (it turned out so ugly *sobs*)!

Brushes from various sites has been used and they have all been creditted under the credit page.

All have been coded in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

The Name
the reason behind the word blaze

           ►►► The word Blaze has been defined as flame. The reason why I chose this word is that I personally thought this word fits Tatsuki's personality quite well. She isn't the type who worries about things and can be like a flame when she is angry. She, who is the 2nd strongest girl in Japan, has a lot of pride and tries her best to protect her friend even if it means putting her own in danger. These personalities all relate us to the same word, fire. However, Tatsuki is more than fire, she's a bright flame, a blaze.


  Blaze (c) Flyne Network ~ 2006
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