Arisawa Tatsuki
the girl's profile

First appearance:
Episode 2; Manga Chapter 002, Volume 01
Student, register no.1, class 1-3
17 July
155 cm
Blood Type:
Self defense (karate)
Theme song:
Voice Actress:

Tatsuki is firstly introduced as a tomboyish character who takes up karate as an off school activity and constantly takes part in tournaments. She comes in second in the national karate tournament and it wasn't counted for as well because she met an accident and broke her arm before the finals. Her dream is to become a Vale Tudo champion. She has assisted Orihime in learning some martial arts.

Tatsuki is a responsible person who is overprotective over her friends and would not hesitate to put her life on the line in order to protect them. With her scary nature, it is easy to drive any guy away. This is probably the reason why she is a student monitor.

Tatsuki is no doubt, a great artist as well. She has taken up art elective as a subject.

Possessing a high spiritual pressure, Tatsuki is able to see ghosts, hollows, and even shinigami.

Whether she's going to play a big role in the future is still a question. She would probably be playing the role of a supporting character, who will be a source of motivation to the Orihime? No?.

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